Rear Inside Door Trim Removal '85 XJ6 Sovereign

(Con Saris) #1

So I need some advice on the removal of the rear inside door panel. I am having problems with that lock. It will not lock either at the lock or via the driver’s central locking switch. I have read the manual. I have removed the screw under the handle and the warning light at the back of the handle. Then removed the screw next to the the actual globe. Also removed the screws under pocket with the speaker in it. Pulled all the clips around the panel but the panel will not budge. Have I missed some screws? The manual says to push the handle to the rear but that doesn’t seems to do anything either. It looks as if the PO has had a go as well so who knows if he has done anything to make this any harder. Are there any tricks or tips to make this work? The warning lamp lens was very difficult to move and I, in fact, managed to break it in half but it will be an easy repair as the break was clean so epoxy will make the job invisible. I would appreciate any thoughts or tips from anyone on the list may have with this problem.

(Frank Andersen) #2

Have you removed the armrest, Con…?

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(Con Saris) #3

Can’t get it to budge Frank. Have taken the screw of the underside of the handle/armrest at the front, there is another screw that holds the lens in. Have taken that out and removed the lens and the bulb holder screws. Can’t see any more screws to take out (not to say there aren’t any) The manual says to push the handle rearward but I can’t get it to budge. Do I just need to be more forceful? Don’t want to break anything if I can help it.

(Aristides Balanos) #4

You must remove the top part of the armrest.
Once you remove the screw under it you give it a push rearwards. It might need some force.
Behind you will find three screws.
Once you undo the clips you have to move the door card upwards.

(Jochen Glöckner) #5


I’ve been wrong several times when talking about SIII cars assuming that most SII stuff was carried over … nevertheless I’m giving it another try: when I recently removed my rear door cards I was surprised at how tight the fit for the two (or three?) main armrest holders was.

To explain: The door card (the door panel) is fixed to the metal by simple plastic connectors. You can avoid breaking them by levering the door card inward from behind the door card.

The map container is fixed with a series of metal screws going through the door card and into the door metal.

The door opener and the lock are in the way and have to be manoevred around.

The main obstacle is the armrest - hence Frank’s question. It has two or three T-shaped solid steel connectors. The top line of the “T” is a circular piece of metal that goes through the door card, then into big holes shaped like a lock in the inner metal door. When mounted the armrest is moved downward and thus the T gets jammed in the holes. The friction is provided by the padding of the door cards. To remove them you do not apply brute force but a sharp hit upward against the armrest should do the trick.

Good luck


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(Con Saris) #6

Thanks Frank, Aristedes and Jochen, the winner was a lump of wood and a hammer! The leather on the back of the handle had stuck together with the door card leather making it extremely difficult to slide back. I took a plastic spatula (thanks to my wife, shhh!) and eased it into the join and worked it through front to rear. That made it slide easier and then all else was simple. Just need to adjust and lubricate now. Be good to be able to leave the car parked safely.

(Frank Andersen) #7

As Aristides say, Con - give the top part a hefty knock backwards (or forwards?), it’s a slip fit…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)