Rear Leaf Springs MKV

Hello brains trust.:grin:

Would anyone know if the rear leaf springs on a MKV are roughly the same lengths as those on an XK120? The only reason I ask is that I have been offered a set of leather leaf spring gaiters for an XK120 and was hoping to use them on my MKV.


I was hoping somebody would pipe up and say, “I tried them and yes they fit”, or “no they didn’t fit.”

Here are rough measurements, in inches because if the good Lord had intended men to use centimeters He wouldn’t have given us feet. :grin:

Mark V - 9 leaves
pin to pin 46"
front pin to axle 19"
rear pin to axle 27"
axle to clips front 13-1/2, 6, rear 6, 17"

XK120 - 8 leaves
pin to pin 43"
front pin to axle 20"
rear pin to axle 23"
axle to clips front 12, 6, rear 6-1/2, 16"

NOW, yer expectin’ a direct answer to a direct question?


Hi Rob,

Thank you for the measurements. It would seem as though they are not compatible, sadly. That being said, it might be better than nothing? The front one would fit, the rear would be a bit too short.