Rear Light Turn signal right no funktion

I have a problem with the rear right light. nothing works except the normal / tail light. I think it never worked ??? !!!
i have only had the vehicle for a little over a year and now it was noticed in the history report.

only the tail is possible

-direction indicator does not work!
-Brake light does not work!
-Reversing light works!
-Fog lights does not work!

I have already swapped the light module from the front right to the left, no improvement.

Have already measured the lines in the wiring harness (coming from the front),
for Bilnker (Yellow) there is no signal from the front,
also for the other things ( direction indicators, Brake light, Reversing lights, Fog,) nothing comes from the front.

what could that be?! all fuses are OK.

VCM brings the error Fuse 1,2,3, 5 and Pro FAIL FUSE 2 is always on the display although all fuses are OK (vehicle was already bought that way)

Thank you very much for your help

Short update:
Fuse1 it was definitely a fuse defective the A1 for ride leveling (the Jag has no hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear, but normal shock absorbers).

in the VCM there is now fuse 2 and the flash from the speedometer gone. Luckily .

but the turn signal on the right still does not work. Illuminants were replaced by everything.
didn’t bring anything either.

the funny thing does not matter whether I blink left or right, the clock / blink signal in the speedometer only goes 4 times at normal speed and then faster. but the turn signal on the right does not matter whether it is from the first or faster beat.

I briefly removed the C5 fuse for the indicator and put it back in again. then the rear turn signal went off. but only until I turn it off …

now it is stored in the VCM after ignition at fuse 5 & 6. where do I find it

I’m still looking … but I can’t find it. what’s weird is that nothing on the right back side works except the light. can it be that it is a supply current (+ 12v) problem? the logic module only ever outputs a ground (-) signal?