Rear Number Plate Light which to choose

My son lives in the UK and he knows my passion for the MKII he bought some MKII parts to turn into his car/Aeroplane art that he seems to do rather well, he created a clock out of a MKII steering wheel (without damaging it) and sent it to me in the USA plus added some other MKII bits which I will sell, rear right tail light and number plate light and probably my restored steering wheel as the one he sent me is perfect.

My dilemma see pics, Pic 1 is my original rear number plate light and pic 2 is the one he sent me which one should I use, do note either case I will get the body re-chromed.

MUST admit I like the way Pic 2 is set up although I will have to do a couple of wiring repairs.

Your thoughts, FYI mine is a 1964 3.8 if that matters.

I would use the top one.
The bottom one is missing the isolation of the wire connections.
This can give eventually a short circuit.

That’s a very good point.

If the plinth is very pitted , re chroming will not be very successful , will come back nice and shiny but with pits !

Fortunately it is not too bad and I believe that a lot of chrome places can now deal with it, but I do take your point, I have also been looking at the repro ones that SNG Barrett sell at what seems to be a reasonable $234.80.

Anyone have thoughts on this ?

I just double checked this and the wires have an extra layer of insulation.

I did get a repro off e-bay , did not know it was one at the time , paid very little for it !
It was a lot heavier then a standard one , with very light pitting ,
I had that re chromed , cost £40 , come back looking like new , was very pleased ,
Not sure who it was made by , but it was far better quality then the factory ones .