Rear over riders

Hi i am trying to put my xk150 rear bumper together for refitting ,but I can’t tighten the bolts coming through the bumper from the over riders , has anyone got any idea how i do it ,do i have to weld the bolts to the overiders ?
Thank you Chris

Hi Chris
The bolts for the over riders should have a square set in them to lock into the OR bracket. Then clips are used to keep them in place when fitting.

Hi Mike ,thanks for the great information , i haven’t got the coach bolts like you show , it’s so obvious :woozy_face: . I got a bolt set from SNG Barrett ,would have thought that would have included them ,but I will check tomorrow .

Thanks again Chris

Should be UNF thread not BSW coarse thread.

Interesting. Bolt kit came with bumpers and OR’s from Coventry Auto.
But they work just fine.

Stainless steel? If so probably from Vietnam

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Fitting the overriders and then the complete rear bumper is a subject in its own right. The overrider bolt length is somewhat critical as if slightly too long will prevent the bumper fitting. Will be interesting to know how it goes.

Hi Phil , it seems to be almost a forgotten part of the xk150 , as I mentioned ,I got a bolt pack of everything you need to fit the rear bumper ,which didn’t have any bolts for the over riders ,I called yesterday and they were very apologetic and said they would add a note saying " no over rider bolts included " I have located them elsewhere ,but it was very confusing , as to what I wanted ,anyway they are coming soon and I will report how I get on .I know one bolt should be longer to fit the bumper bar that goes through the body ,so I will see what is delivered .
Regards Chris Hedley

Excellent. The guys on this site and hopefully myself included will be able to help with advice if needed.

With best regards
Philip Dobson