Rear propshaft support bearing

ok so i order the wrong one then got the correct one flown in at great expense my issue seems to be the metal bits that are are in the old one didnt come with the new one are they reusable ?

what i really need is in what order are they assembled


What year and model is your Jaguar?



1991 xj6 thanks

You are on the wrong list. This list is for Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s. Your car is a completely different design that has very few parts in common with ours, so it discussed on the XJ40 list. “XJ40” was the Jaguar internal project code for the follow on XJ6 model like yours. Try posting on the Jag-Lovers XJ40 and maybe someone there can help you out.


well done and will get that done was just checking the vin thanks agan

i have the bearing almost seated using ball press fittings from a press in a vice wont fully seat in the carrier

original post > metal bits, you talking abut the metal rings? you can reuse if not damaged, did you note what side they were when you pulled apart,

thats it thanks for reply the carrier that i have is not in the carrier and am having not a lot of luck seating it in the mount itself any help would be good

i do have the rings figured

the bearing for the carrier i ment sorry about that

appears you’re not using a proper press, if it’s not fully seated then use a soft drifter to tap it down or i believe one of the rings will help do that

i have been using a vice with the parts in a u jount press still have about 1/8 inch to go

i will give that a try just on the phone with a fellow in town may have him do it if the ring and drift fails it is a tight fit

will the bearing fit the shaft i have it in the freezer and was hopeing that will make it seat

thank you for helping