Rear SLS supension how to check?

Hello, i bought the bushings for the rear shock absorbers because there is some noise from the worn ones… but yesterday while i was cleaning my 1992 Daimler , i saw in the boot a tag that specifies that the car is equipped with SLS suspensions. How i check if my car has been converted to normal suspensions ? i read that most of the XJ40 have been converted in the time… but how to be shure?


Try to see whether:

  • The rear shocks have (or not) a hydraulic line getting into them on the top as indicator it’s a SLS system (or not)

In case they are not connected to the hydraulic system check that the conversion has been properly done -at least from the electric/hydraulic point of view.

  • The silver valve body front right of the engine bay is blinded (pipe that would go towards the rear suspension.
  • The connector rear left wishbone is disconnected and/or the cables properly isolated.

Springs should also have been changed and (ideally) levelling headlamps fitted (unlikely).



Power System Hydraulics S73_XJ40.pdf will have ALL the info you need.

I cannot upload file because MAX size is 4mb and the file is 4.2mb.

Gus has it on his site.

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