Rear Speakers in a Mk2

Hi, looking at putting in a simple 4 speaker sound system in my 62 Mk2. Front speakers, no problem… Nice space in the kick panel area… But rears? Parcel shelf is too small for anything reasonable and I dont want to go cutting holes in doors etc. Any clever owner figured a simple place for rears? maybe under the seat?? cheers

Your fully sick subwoofer goes under the seat.

If you view the rear parcel shelf from inside the boot you will find two metal frames which will accommodate two 4 inch speakers. The shelf location close to the rear window makes an excellent ‘cabinet’ effect boosting the quality of the sound. If you use a decent two say speaker, you will get an acceptable sound. If there is still not enough bass for you ,a subwoofer under a seat would be your next option.

I recently fitted a four-speaker system to my S Type. I knocked out the two hole covers in the rear shelf, which are sized for 4" speakers. This shelf is probably the same pressing as for a Mk II. I sourced a pair of original grilles that matched those in the main console. There’s not much room for anything bigger. If you want to use original grilles, you need to strengthen them to prevent the mesh inverting when pressed. I made up two galv. straps crossed at 90° and curved to match the convex of the mesh. (I spend a lot of time fiddling with things.)

Yeh… I reckon I can ditch the seat…put in 4 ft subs. Be Ok with the windows down I think? I’d need to run a 300AMP alternator…

Awesome Peter… nice job… thanks

4 inch at the rear it is… 6.75 at the front… cheers

I’d put in a separate 5000kVA genset and run it on methanol and nitrous.

That way even if your engine fails you can still doof.

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well I suppose that more useable than a 200 amp extension chord from my 3 phase in the shed… rain gets in the way…

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