Rear subframe removal

(Steve) #1

Is it difficult toremove the rear subframe on a 1995 x300 please xx

(motorcarman) #2

Please define DIFFICULT???

I have 2 lifts in my shop and I have been repairing Jaguars for over 40 years so the answer is NO.

If you are repairing your car in the snow in your driveway then the answer would likely be YES!!!

The unit is heavy and bulky but there is nothing that requires a shop full of special tools.


(Paul M. Novak) #3

I have no idea, but perhaps if you asked over on the X300 list someone there might know.

This list is for the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s. The X300 cars are two generations newer than our cars.


(Steve) #4

Thank you Paul I will take a look xx

(Andy) #5

Its doable on a drive