Rear susp. cradle and handbrake linkage now? later?

Is it better to put the handbrake linkage on the cradle then offer the unit up to the car or, install cradle and put hand brake thingie in later?

Not there yet but was waiting for paint to dry on a few brackets so I thought I’d ask.


When I did mine everything related to the handbrake was in place before the unit was installed. All that was left was the connection (and adjustment) of the cable. That was a S2 though I would think yours would be similar.

From my own experience I suggest at least hooking up the rear end of the cable first. It’s a lot easier than doing it with the IRS in place…at least that was my experience.

You mean connect the cable to the monkey motion hand brake device and let it hang there while you jack up the cradle? Or something else.

Hook it to the linkage and be sure to thread the fixing/adjuster in place also…AND be sure to pass the cable through the “wire” support on it’s way to the front.

Put all of it on now, easier than later. I only installed the cable after it was in place.

Note that the handbrake cable passes thru a grommet…

P/N CO4548. If yours is missing or deteriorated, this is a good time to replace it.

Already done so, front grommet also. :sunny:

That rear grommet was bit fiddly, wasn’t it?

So you put the handbrake mech bolted to the cage then, installed cradle and hooked up the HB cable after, right?

What did you do with the swaybar? Fastened to body with cradle out? Or did you fasten it to the cradle and move the unit up to its home?

I installed the handbrake assembly onto the cage and lifted the IRS assembly into place. Next I attached the IRS cage and Radius Arms. Then I fitted the anti-sway bar and finally attached the handbrake cable.