Rear Suspension Cage Repair

Is this factory or a field repair?

Never noticed it before; the hole is the outer for the through bolt for the bottom plate. Same welding appears in all 4 corners flange on the cage where the lip angles upward toward the outside. Been like this at least 20000 miles and no cracking.

No factory, clearly cracked and repaired.

Looking closer, you can see where the end of the crack was drilled prior to welding. Wonder what caused cracks, maybe driving without the bottom tie plate? Everything else seems to fit and line up, the differential top bolts still had the factory safety wire ( unless someone was really good at it). Three of the four were loose though.
Not a high mileage car, and doesn’t appear to have been abused. No accident evidence when I painted it. Only unusual thing in its history is that it was first registered to the Jaguar headquarters in New Jersey, probably as a field car.

This is absolutely factory, are we not seeing the same picture?

I was thinking the same, David. But haven’t had a chance to check my own car.


Welds were painted over, and there is no overspray on the factory label, so I am leaning towards factory. The 4 welds appear too uniform to be a dealership repair.

Actually, they look really clean for a factory weld - but don’t worry, they are original. They were needed because the area is folded and not drawn, it is not drilled, just the corner of the fold.
Maybe there is a strengthening piece on the inside.

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Correct David, me bad, had a look at mine and indeed, the corners have welds.

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