Rear suspension mounting rubbers shims

Does any one know the reason for the shims In the rear suspension mounting rubbers
Cradle rubber to frame
The manual says to be sure and return them but there’s no guidance on adjustments
Ive always wondered why someone here knows

Cheers Jim

To help centre the irs on the frame

Any idea how they measure that. Jim

Start with one on each side of frame rail on both sides…… the best fit is what you end up with…. Remember these cars whilst made on a jig had some “reasonable” tolerances …thus the shimming …… similar to fitting the diff into the IRS cage, window shims etc …… nothing was 100% accurate fit from the factory…… drive train is the exception

Ok Thks
Well you guys have answered a lot of my questions from as far back as 35 years it’s funny I’ll read something and the next day a memory comes alive. I’m probably going to go a bit quiet now and get back to work on the car. Looking at pictures you guys sure have some nice cars . People say mine is pretty buff butt I’m starting to think it’s a clunker compared to cars hear

If anyone is interested in body work there’s some great YouTube’s
Ray Shiling

When you have your car aligned, the shop should be able to provide you with rear end alignment data: L and R toe in (or out) and what is called thrust angle, which tells you if your rear end assembly is pointing L, R, or center. Center is what you want of course, and the shims give you a means of changing the thrust angle if need be.


Thks for that Steve I’ll put it in my hat

Cheers. Jim