Rear tail light needs a fix

This is a combination tail light/brake light that was added to the rear fender of
a Mk IV. The lower bulb is not working. The copper connector prong is attached to the wiring securely, but the prong has come loose from the Bakelite portion of the light. I don’t see any mechanical attachment for the copper prong, so I am assuming that it was somehow glued to the Bakelite block? The copper prong did several things - 1. provided the connection for power to the bottom terminal of the bulb 2. Was the spring that held the bulb downwards in the metal framework which also served as the ground for the bulb.
Any ideas on re-attaching the metal prong to the Bakelite block?

The copper prong has a right angle bend in it which the photo does not show. The back portion is attached to the Bakelite, then the copper is bent toward the viewer to connect with the electrical connection of the bottom bulb.

Thanks for any suggestions!

J-B Weld: applied to a cleaned and roughened surface, it may work.

Thank you , Paul. JB Weld worked like a charm and I’m back on the road!

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That stuff could cure cancer!!!