Rear Window Henly's Dealership Sticker

Hello again,

Would anyone happen to have a good quality (reasonable would do!) photograph of a Henly’s rear window dealership sticker from the early to mid 1960’s? I believe it might say, “Another Jaguar from Henly’s” or words to that effect. Perhaps it might just say, Henly’s or Henly Motors?

It would be nice to have them reproduced.


Nice idea. Our car is Henly’s also so interested in this.

My wife (then girl friend) went to Henly’s, in about 1989, with a shopping list from her repairer: parts for her XJ6. I picked her up at Sydney Airport with a pair of rear disc rotors and an AED amongst some other small stuff. All the other girls had a Corolla. No contest. Paul

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Here are several options in regard to the Henly’s rear window decal.
From the Leyland period.

From the post-Leyland period,

The advertisement for the 240 shows a very similar font to the decal on the Mini.

Some advertising from Henly’s from the early 1960’s

The following is a mock-up from the advertising using the font and slogan

Does anyone have any recollection of what the original might have looked like? Henly’s obviously liked blue with white font so I might look to that for the mock-up above. A lot of dealers of the time opted for black with gold font like these Coombs and Stratstone versions.