Rear window XK 150 Fixed Head

I have an original rear window for a XK150 fixed head for sale

$100.00 plus shipping

Len Wheeler
Tucson, AZ

Description:Rear window for XK 150 fixed head

Asking price (if selling): $100.00 + shipping

Location:Tucson, AZ

Contact information: Len Wheeler

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?No

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HI Len, I might be interested. I have an XK120 FHC and am looking for a rear window. Do you know if this will fit? If not, please tell me what the dimensions of it are so I can measure the car.

I am at 76054 in Texas and if this fits, I’d like to know how much it would be to ship it tha least expensive way would be.



  Will get it down from the top of my storage cabinet and measure

it for you.



  Sorry for the delay, I had to get help getting the box down from

a high shelf in my garage. The measurements on the glass back
window I have are 13 1/8 " high and 45" at the longest point. My
belief is this is probably to big for a 120 but measure your
opening to be sure.


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