Rebuilding Oct 61 RHD OTS

Looks great.

Okay sounds like its game on!!

Not me …. I will just take my time …… not worrying about quick or slow …. But this will most likely be my final car that I build and willi hope be as near as is possible to 100% original car ….some things like paint of course will need to be current technology and gaps will be even :grinning:


Well you saved the best for last. Good for you.

I forget Geoff, I made a jig up from another car that bolted into the top of the pillars so I could fix the distance between the pillars to within a mm of the original. 2x1/4 inch holes drilled in 2x3mm plates screwed into the captives, then welded together.

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Today …… first parts painted


More paint ……. Next outside rub down and hi fill primer
Paint on interior and firewall etc …… paint outside


For those following progress


Excellent progress but is this just me ….

Yep just shadows as they block it back , thanks for pointing it out though

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Well done, Danny.
Looking gooood
Cape Town

“Yep just shadows as they block it back…”

“They.” Oh how I wish.

I don’t have the expertise to do it ……and I also don’t like the dust etc

Danny, you’ll have to BS somebody else… :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the work you do, and given the high degree of it, you could be just as capable at bodywork.

Just get some old beater, and jump in!

Thanks for your overestimation of my capability Paul…… ok I just don’t like dust :flushed::joy:

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3 coats of 2k …block back when solvents evaporate……then we will clear 3 coats cut with 3000 and buff etc