Rebuilding the IRS Hubs - Part 2

With the First IRS Hub thread becoming unwieldy, I’ve made a new one now that many “fixes” have been made and parts have finally arrived. Here is that thread:

And these parts came yesterday - the Water Throwers

I was under the assumption that the Water Throwers were to be an interference fit onto the hubs. These that I obtained from SNGB for MOL $9 just fit onto the machined land for the Water Throwers easily. I guess that’ll be okay as I’ll be welding them, but they are not very tight IMO.

These are just simple, low-carbon steel. Should they be painted? I was hoping they’d be SS but they are not and they will start rusting immediately.

They were not originally painted: if it is important to you that they not rust, after you weld them onto the hub, just clean and prep them, then coat them with POR 15.


Good golly. It has taken me forever to weld the water throwers. I have to rely on a friend for the welding, but we both struggle to find a mutual time. Here they are - untouched as yet.

Notice the shields Chuck made to keep any splatter off critical surfaces. One bead he had to hit twice and I’ll dress that and the others with an air tool grinder. Now just waiting on both Outer Seal Seating Rings and I can finally start the iterative process of setting the bearing preload.


Good to see that I’m not the only one that has to use an auxiliary bright light for welding… :slight_smile:

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$1.00 special from H.F. Nothing but the best!

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I’ve got to learn to weld :face_with_spiral_eyes:


It’s easy: get a decent, non-flux core-wire MIG: raid your pile of scrap iron; watch Youtube.

After a few hours, you will ask yourself the same thing I did, in the early 80s: “How the hell did I get along without one of these?”

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With argon co2 gas ?

Yes: 75/25. 100% Ar, if you progress to aluminium.

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I’m in your camp Danny. I got lazy having a son who became an expert welder and neighbors who always could do it for me. I have actually welded plenty over the years, never with admirable proficiency. I do have tanks and torches and an old buzz box (an AC 225). I’ll weld heavy things that aren’t critical nor needing to look pretty. So far on the Jag, it has been critical needs like the leaking gas tank and these Water Throwers. I just didn’t want to practice on them. But, after being a nuisance to my friends and having my son being 600 miles away, it is time I do something.
So, like Wiggles says, get a decent MIG with gas shielding and practice on scrap. Any suggestions as to what a “decent” one is?


Miller, Hobart, Lincoln, Solar, are the main good ones.

This is a piece of kit that is best if not bought as a cheap one.

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Thx Paul…I’ll be looking.

Yep figured that out Paul will be consulting the oracles here as to best brands here in Oz

Im assuming most of those brands are available down under…:zap::zap:

Only if made in China ….us made stuff cannot compete unfortunately

I’m not quite sure I buy that one, Danny: Miller/Hobart/Lincoln, as far as I know, are all US made, and have been for some time. I have had a Solar MIG machine ever since 1980, and the thing is never failed me.

Sorry just found some Lincoln and miller machines here starting price over $A2000 … one miller machine here $4265 in USA $1900 …… surely I don’t need to spend that much for sheet metal and very light fabrication?

Whatever you do, resist the temptation to buy a flux core machine, for less money: you will not be happy. Just keep looking around!

Yep will do cig is a well known brand here I’ll look at them …I think they are designed here and built in China

Maybe this one with gas etc