Rebuilding XK150 FHC boot lid

I am continuing the rebuild of the boot area of my 1960 XK150. I have two questions:

  1. The numberplate/reversing lamp chrome casting is held on by four UNC screws (thanks Bob). However, while the two outer screws align correctly the two inner screws are about one hole diameter too low. Before breaking out the Dremel (on my pristine newly painted boot lid!) I thought I would ask if anyone else has had this problem? All indications are that both lid and casting are original.

  2. The reversing-lamp wire loom passes through the rear bulkhead. There are two holes near each other, one plain and one with what seems like a pair of adjacent holes presumably for some sort of clamp arrangement. I have used a grommet on the plain hole. Does anyone know what the second hole is for?

I have looked in all of my books and none of them describe this issues. All help appreciated

would be best to include some pics particularly re the holes you refer to.
re the bootlid and casting if they are the original parts removed from this car they will go back together unless body man done some strange things.
More likely from separate sources if a repro casting this will be quite common it doesn’t fit. There are also 2 types boot lids early and late.

Terry, item 1 on my list resolved - I just needed better light to see what I as doing. It fitted fine as it should, both were original parts. Item 2. Pictures added: the holes are on the approximate center line of the panel to which the boot hinges attach.


these 3 holes 2 small 1 large are for a boot light switch as fitted to the xK120 140 and are redundant on the 150 they haven’t altered the pressing.
when complete there is an aluminum panel trimmed in vinyl that goes across entire width of boot that covers all this over this.
There will be a P clamp on the wood of bootlid directly above cable

In the 150 boot lid, where the light cluster wires are there is an interior light bulb holder for a boot light. you will have to crank your neck upwards to see it. This will be lit when the side lights are on.
Does it go off when the boot is shut . ??? Dont know.

no permanently on with side lights no switch