Rebuilt vlocks stop working after 12-48 months

I have had clocks for E-types, 60s saloons and XKs rebuilt by Mike Eck, but about 6 out of 12 no longer work. Some of them will start after fiddling with the flex wire adjuster well over 15 times, only to stop after a few hours.
What is the problem….?
Any quick fixes? So much work to remove them! He has had one back but it stopped after about 12 months.
He hasn’t replied to recent e-mails.

I’ve had the same issue, I fixed my by cleaning and oiling the mechanism.

Mike Eck just replied, and explained that due to lack of seals, these clocks are prone to dust and dirt entering, and that he can clean them again.
But for me, in Sweden, shipping a second time at 50$ each way, plus all the work to remove them means that I will just keave them at 13.50 just like all the ads for watches😅

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On a Mk10 I got the clock to work by tapping the easily accessible lower edge of the clock with the wooden handle if a small hammer. But it stopped after an hour. Did it again, and now it has worked for 10 hrs. We shall see how it goes….