Recalling Old PMs

Was wondering how that works, as there is a PM I received from a member a few months ago and would like to review it … Does the site automatically delete PMs after a certain time? :confused:

Easy enough.

Click on your avatar at the upper right of your screen.
Click on the envelope icon, third from the left.
A list of recent PMs will appear.
At that bottom of that list you will see an inverted chevron.
Clicking on that chevron will display every PM you’ve ever sent or received.

What John said. You can also just click the envelope icon twice, this will bring you to the main PM page with your inbox, your sent messages, and so on. I.e.:

Click your avatar (the letter A on a green background in your case).
Click the envelope icon (third from the left).
Click the envelope icon again.
Scroll down, all of your messages are there.


Got it … !

Thanks, guys … :smile_cat: