Recent windscreen cost

Have a two small worrisome cracks and several chips in windshield, so made an online inquiry for replacement cost. Reply was over $400 and certain that they are not including new seals.
Any one that replace a windshield recently and willing to share the cost with us would be appreciated.
At present not driving car until new wiper control switch arrives as wipers are obscuring vision where they stopped.

Paging @Timeisrelative

He replaced windshield not too long ago (1993 model though) and was very satisfied.

Yeah I had mine replaced at Safelite. I have comprehensive insurance on mine with a zero deductible. Mine had lots of pitting and scratches. I called my insurance because I had seen a comment on another forum about insurance covering it and they said “absolutely no problem.” They did use a generic surround seal, but it looks good to me. I also had to have the windshield replaced in my XK8 and on that they did use factory new trim for the windshield. Insurance covered that too! Total on that one would have been $1500!

I’ve been reading a bit about this, as I have a crack on my 1988 windshield. The facelift models I think have an actual modern windshield with the hard sealants (bonded) that are used today. The Pre-Facelift, like mine, use the old-fashioned rubber seals that most cars from the 70s and back used. From what I read, it’s hard to find those actual windshields, may have to buy used or NOS. And to find someone who actually knows how to install an old rubber sealed windshield is tough, the young kids at Safelite will have never done one.

I’m thinking of going to an old VW shop that restores a lot of VW bugs and vans, they will probably know someone who knows how to do old-style seals.

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Didn’t your '93 facelift have the bonded windshield, and are you saying they replaced it with a rubber sealed pre-facelift type?

Sorry, yes it’s a bonded windshield. The rubber I’m talking about that was replaced was just the rubber surround"trim". Not an actual “seal” per say

Do you know if a bonded windshield for the facelift (92) xis also available from Safelite? They have always told me NO in the past.

Honestly couldn’t say. I was kinda surprised, when I took mine in, that they got one that easily. I mentioned about it and they said “no problem at all getting it.” As I said before though, it’s not a factory windshield

I always presumed windshields were one of those things that they can generate on demand once they have a CAD file or whatnot for that particular car. Basically, take a piece of glass, warp it to shape and cut it to size.

I priced a replacement windshield for my '83 back in the late 90’s, and the quote was about $800 installed.

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Which is funny, I just replaced a windshield in my new Toyota 4 Runner, with the sunscreen thing behind the mirror, the little copper tabs for the windshield wiper heater uppers and that extra coating they used on the Hum Vees in Desert Storm (to stop scratches and chips) for the outrageous price of $230 CDN installed (knock off 30 cents/ $ US).
And it looks like factory.
That all being said I can’t find an XJ-S windshield in this town.


These windscreens for pre-lift are still available brand new, the cost is between £500-700 for the glass only. Seen them for £260 GBP once.

The seals are £50-70, however your biggest enemy hides beneath it. Be prepared for nice Tig welding (Mig brazing will be more suitable for rotten places), priming and painting.

There is no need to pay for new windscreen fitting. They will mess up the job anyway. Either you will do it yourself or someone else will under your full supervision…

These seals are easy to install with piece of stick and paracord. There is a sealing strip coming into the seal from.outside later on. You need to take time and make sure the seal is ayed equally. The secret - red grease. Just fill the lip and smear it everywhere, including your face in advance…

Many thanks to all that have shared their cost and replacement experiences.
Replacing the wind shield has been given a very low priority on things that need to have money thrown at them.
We live in Texas west of Houston and have not had running water now since Monday Feb 15 at 8:30 AM. Power failed for three days straight with temperatures as low as 14 F. May not seem that bad to some of you but at this household when the temp dips below 50 we are freezing.
The lack of power of course is the cause of our home becoming an ice box breaking pipes. Not having running water shows us how dependent we have become on the power plants we have taken for granted for way too long.
Once the water is restored will work on getting the Jag windshield and wipers repaired in order to sell it.