Recoloring the Seats


I’m getting close to the time when I will recolor the seats from my 71 XJ6 for user in the 73. They are currently black. The new color is a gold.

My question is should I strip the current paint off the seats before applying the new color? These seats, which were black originally, were stripped once before in 1985 and then recolored, the same color with Surflex, with excellent results. There has been no cracking or flaking off of the color. The paint supplier suggested that I could simply apply the new color on top of the current color.

Has anyone applied the new color on top of the old and with what results?


*YES it will work fine. I redid dark blue with very light tan using RUST-OLEUM spray paint made for plastic. The secret is super clean and a light wipe of lacquer on a cloth, just lightly. Then very light coat.
using a hair dryer between coats. This way you wont get runs. Since the paint is cheap in spray cans by RUST-OLEUM you will pleased. Oh get the can that says Satin. The over priced dye kits are not dye but paint. One kit that sells for $144 comes an air brush sprayer and two cans full of compressed air to spray the dye color you chose but its really paint