Recomendation for OBD

I finally got my '95 VDP running again thanks to great help from you all. She’s running pretty rough though and I thought I should invest in an OBD. Can anyone recommend aan affordable unit? Thanks in advance.

Yep. Take it to AutoZone or Advance and ask, and they’ll bring out their OBD reader and check it for you! Free of charge!

Come on now Kirby, you know everyone that owns an OBD2-compliant car should own their own reader…

Professor1, it depends what you plan on doing with it. A simple code read and/or reset? I’ve been using these cheapie U480 readers, and they do the job.

If you wanna do more, like check temps and see the oxygen sensors in action, then you’ll need to spend more money. You can buy a wireless ELM27 reader. You’re limited to a WiFi one for use with an iPhone, you can use WiFi or bluetooth if you prefer android. The ELM27 gets you the plug, then you’ll have to purchase and app. Many of them do the reading and resetting for free, but in order to get the sensor readers and whatnot, you’ll have to buy the whole thing.

I believe OBD Fusion is preferred for iPhone
Torque is preferred for Android

Will that unit work on a '95 x300? The site says it is obd2.

If you have the AJ16 engine, I’m almost positive it will.

Stick your face under the steering column near the gearbox tunnel and see if the 16 pin OBDII socket is there.

… especially as dirt-cheap as they are, now.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

The cheapest OBDII reader I found a few years ago was about $15 US on eBay so I ordered a few to give to customers that I thought might be able to figure out how to use one.

I thought it would be easier to have them tell me what DTCs were logged in the ECM instead of driving all the way to my shop and have me read the codes.

There is one on eBay now for $8.99 (free shipping) and it is a ‘stand-alone’ reader so no ‘smart-phone’ is required.

Cheap enough for everyone to have one in the boot ‘just-in-case’.

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