Recommendation needed XK Specialist in SLC, Utah

I’m new to forum, and classic Jag ownership having just acquired a 1951 XK 120SE OTS. I’m in Park City and I’m looking for anyone who knows a well-qualified XK mechanic/restoration shop in the Salt Lake City area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx

Not exactly SLC, but consider Walt Osborne at Vintage Jag Works in Blackfoot, Idaho. As far as I know, they work on nothing but Jags and have for decades. I always like finding someone who worked on these cars when they were actually on the road and used daily.

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try …the British Motor Club of Utah…they have car events…some in Park City… the website has contact info. I have visited Walt in Blackfoot…quite far from SLC area of course…but a resource for more complicated work and parts…he has an extensive boneyard too, website
Welcome to the Forum and world of XK. tons of info in archives here…and many experts willing to answer and help. I will be in Park City for the winter…won’t have my XK there…but would love to visit. you may private message to me.

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Bob, thanks for the referral but I’m looking for someone a little closer to SLC.

Nick, thanks for the links. I’ll be in PC mid-December through the holidays. Happy to have you over to see my new toy and talk cars if you’re going to be in town.