Recommendations for Code Scanner Please 1998 X308

Please can anyone give recommendations for a good, but reasonably priced OBD code scanner. (UK based) My current one is only a generic cheap one and only appears to read emissions codes such as faulty 02 sensor.
I’ve seen this:
TF930 iCarsoft i930 Diagnostic Fault Code Scanner Reader Tool Land Rover Jaguar | eBay
but it looks different to other i930 ones with fewer buttons so don’t know whether it is a newer or older model than the others.

I would recommend the Autel AP200. Seems to read much more than OBD such as abs sensors etc.


I assume this would work as well for the XJS!

If you decide to try this, please keep the forum posted!

It works. Although not all the modules communicate. I haven’t needed to change anything though so can’t confirm if it resets anything except clears codes.

I need a confirmation that it can indeed pull ABS and Transmission Codes. That’s great if it does.

Then I need to know if you can read engine parameters in real time, for instance:

  1. amount of air passing through MAF
  2. TPS % open
  3. Is the car in open or closed loop?
  4. oxygen sensor readings
  5. coolant temperature
  6. air temperature

There are a few more, but those would be good examples.

It does all of that from memory.

Most of the regulars in JaguarForum use one flavour or other of the iCarSoft product.

I like the autel AP200 on landrovers. But on my Jag the engine related data is poor.
It does memory seats and door modules well.

Most people recommend an ELM unit with some numbers after it, maybe 27

Correct, ELM27, but I’m not aware of any app that will allow you to use it to pull ABS and Transmission codes.

The AP200 and the iCarsoft is definitely more useful than the ELM27, but the ELM27 is cheap and should be able to read the ECU sensors mentioned above.

The old school OEM jaguar scan tool for them was the genrad, they read everything and are pretty handy. You might be able to pick one up fairly cheap these days, not sure, they were expensive new. Here’s a pic from my Genrad GDS 510 that I used today on my 97 XJR to read some ABS codes