Recommended Engine oil

Hi all, what was the engine oil that would have been used when 1995 4.0 ltr auto sovereign left the factory, also any recommendations on mineral semi synthetic and fully synthetic, be great to have your thoughts on this



I have always used fully synthetic no matter what car.

When I worked at the dealer we used Mobil 15W40 for ALL V12 and inline 6 cylinder engine Jaguars.

Switched to 5W30 for the AJ V8 in the late 1990s.

Mobil full synthetic is what I will go with
Thank you all

When ordering by the 5 quart jug, the full synthetic oils are only a few dollars more than conventional. There’s no good reason not to, especially if you take advantage of the extended drain period.

I use Castrol Edge 0w40 all year round for my 4.0 AJ16 engine.

If you have a Costco near you, I just bought full synthetic for about $3.50 per quart.

For Mobile? That’s a good deal.

I use mobile in my wife’s Yaris. I stick with Valvoline VR-1 synthetic racing oil in my Jaguars. Fossils or is designed for flat tappet engines.

Half the time I use used oil from one of those cars for the truck and the Geo.

FWIW, I ran my X300/XJR6 for many years on dino oil, whatever was on sale that day, changed at 5000 mile intervals. Usually used Jaguar or Baldwin filters.

Sold the car at 171k miles and the engine was in great shape.


Thanks for all your answers, I do appreciate it