Recommmend tyres for my XJR6

(Rodney ) #1

Hi all, looking for recommendations for tyres for my XJR6. I’m running 255/45/ZR17. I have Michelins on the front but they are not available anymore and Marshall on the rear but reviews are not that good. Are there any good alternatives? TIA, Rod

(Bob) #2

Just put a set of Michelin’s ran for a 6 hour cruise, very happy, smooth and quiet. Can get you the model# stuff if you like, they were $675

(Rodney ) #3

Hi Bob, I’m on the other side of the pond and Michelins aren’t available in that size any more, I’m considering Dunlop Maxx GT but thought I would throw the question out there to see what other owners thought, more as a case of what to avoid.
regards, Rod