Rectangular blinker case and front black plastic trim

Hi everyone

My rectangular blinker cases on my daimler xj40 are rotten and need to be replaced. But i cannot find replacement parts online. Do any of you know where i can find those blinkers?

Also, i want to paint the long plastic trim.piece under the headlights. Do u guys know a way to remove it easily? Do i need to remove the lights? The trim piece on the rear of the car was easy to remove


The trim piece is retained by the bumper beam - I’m pretty sure you have to remove the bumper to release it. The side indicator/ blinkers are not fitted to N. American cars so can’t help you with that, sorry.

My car (93) has the orange blinkers on each wing and they are unobtainable new, I’ve searched extensively for them, even used they are very difficult to find, probably because they have all suffered the same problem as yours and corroded away internally. The lenses and plastic body on mine were ok so I had to modify them internally using bulb holders from some old Ford number plate lamps I had in a junk box. If the lenses and casings on yours are ok you can do the same, various 12V bulb holders are available from lots of sources. Alternatively you could try searching American Jaguar dealers in dry states to see if they have any NOS sets available. Good luck.

Maybe i could jusr buy new blinkers entirely and attach them to the car. Do an of u know similar ones? I liked the boxy shape.

And thanks for the info. Guess i search for turotials on removing the front bumprr

I found those:

Could I fit them? Sadly the pic is really bad

SNG Barratt (UK) lists these:

As for the plastic trim piece beneath the headlamps have you tried any of the ‘back to black’ trim restorers? There are a number of them around; I have used the Griot’s Garage brand with good result.

The ones illustrated above are fitted in the bumper AFAIK so too big?

The one I posted - p/n DBC12304 - is listed as a ‘directional indicator / side repeater’ and is #2 in this illustration:

The longer version as fitted to marmo’s car is DBC3323, #1 in the illustration. Both versions are fitted in the wing (fender) and both are listed as NLA from Jaguar.

Lets hope the apertures in the fender are the same size

if not i probably have to glue the new ones in… so sad that i cannot get the old style anymore :confused:
Maybe i also have to spray the front long plastic trim piece with such a spray