Red Light on ! Car won't start

Hello Peeps ! I have a problem thats beyond me… Jaguar X Type Sport 2001 - I went away on a job for 10 weeks, came home late November - Tried to start the car and … It cranks but won’t fire… The immobiliser light ( small red light by coin holder ) is on permanently - not flashing just on . Also 15 amp horn fuse keeps blowing too. I have fitted a brand new battery too, Im fully stressed out ! Please can one of you cool people give me a few ideas on how to get back on the road . all the best and thank you for any help or advice . Peace Gary .

Hi Gary, the first thing you usually do is to get a code reader and see what comes up. Google gives nothing? Good luck, I hope it’s nothing serious. David

cheers David, yes done the code reader ( good mate did it ). no negative results at all. no faults … very weird, im really stressed out about this now, I didn’t know what else to try.

Cheers again bud.


I don’t have any ideas then but does this share anything with other cars (Ford?) - I was hoping to get someone else to respond, sorry I can’t be more useful. Good luck!

Three basic things: 1) fuel; 2) compression; & 3) ignition. If you have all three, the car runs. At the piston, are you getting compression: are you getting fuel: are you getting spark? If fuel is not getting to the injectors, trace back to the problem. Same for spark and compression. All these OBD II readouts can be either a great benefit or a massive confusion. Check you have the basics.

Hmm. First step will be to figure out what the immobilizer does. On some cars it enables the fuel pump, on others the ignition, etc.
If it turns out to be the immobilizer you have to figure out why it doesn’t work.

Bight the bullet and get it towed to the nearest good
shop, maybe they can pin point the problem faster.


How do I get a code reader?
Do not need one for the moment but I think it would be a good item
to have around.

They are available in most auto parts stores.

P.S. Did you get it going?