Red Tail light lens and fixing screws S1

Are the current replacements from the usual suspects have the correct stampings, words, etc on them.

This vendor has one for $12, two for $18 and one for $33.?

Is the difference authenticity?

S1 owners, are the fixing screws for these lenses posi drive or straight slots. I see SNG has straight slots but the two fixing screws I have (of the 4 required) are posi.

EDIT: the listing for the expensive choice (’$33) seems to have disappeared from that web page.

Roughly 25 years ago, the replacements weren’t allowed to have the 'Lucas" name on them because Lucas didn’t make them, and forbid it. Everything else was the same, including fastener hole location, “Made in England,” etc. I have my originals, and a set of these. They are fastened with posi screws.

I don’t know the “Lucas” situation today, so it’s worth asking about.

BTW, early 1967 S1 with covered headlights.

To my knowledge, there were never any pozidrive screws used on S1 E types. They showed up in my XJ40 but not sure when Jag started using them

I said “posi,” but AFAIK, they could be Phillips. I also have them in the headlight farings.

Maybe not original? Oh no! I was never marked down when I showed the car, and when restoring, I was pretty good about keeping things sorted and together.

They were/are certainly on my ‘68 car. Not sure about everywhere on the car but certainly in the bonnet structure.