Red yellow or green brake pads

Have a 1969 e type. Looking for more stopping power.
What brake pads would be recommended
Had a truck pull out in front of me and with that I decided a bit more brake bite would be a good idea. Any info would be appreciated

The EBC red stuff pads made a big improvement to my braking ability. Have them on the E and XK8 and will put them on the F type also. Yellow for racing only and the green are just too soft and dusty.

Unless it changed recently the yellow stuff EBD pads are not race only. Apparently they used to need to be warm but it not the case anymore, they are OK from cold, and get a bit better when warm. But definitely drivable when cold.
The problem with EBC is that they regularly change their compounds with the same colour, so there are diverging advices depending on what series ones got.
I know someone who has green stuff on his mk2 (quite old pads now) and they brake fine and are not dusty at all.
I have yellow stuff pads from a couple of years ago and they are all right, although quite dusty.

@mrferrari : of course it also depends on what you have currently on your car to be able to compare

My pads now are stock pads and are ok but looking for more bite.

Well I am not sure whether stock pads mean anything on an E Type nowasay, if they are from the “County” brand for instance, yes you should see a very noticeable difference with any EBC pad in my opinion ^^

My current pads are from one of the big suppliers
Are are standard equipment pads.
What ever that means .

I really like the Greenstuff green ones. They do squeal a bit on one of my cars.

Green stuff pads used to be Kevlar low dust pads. I still have my first set in my car, which doesn’t get used hard, after 65,000 miles. I have another set of the same pads if this set ever get worn!

Low dust isn’t no dust, but I get more road and tyre dirt on my rear wheels than brake dust on my front wheels.

I just fitted EBC Green stuff on my MK2 , they say 20% more stopping power , but they don’t say more then what :thinking:

They have 2 issues , first being , I had to grind down the Hight as they was tight in the mounting . the other issue , they do have a slot in the back , but too big for the retractor pin to work !

Only done a few hundred miles , so still bedding them in !

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Strange, I don’t remember having any problem when we put it on the car (it was quite a long time ago though, probably more than 10 years!)
As for bedding them in, from my recent experience with my yellow stuff on another car, the stopping power is a bit higher with the bedding layer, the pads feel almost sticky. That eventually disappears but stopping power is still very satisfactory.
(By the way there is a documented procedure to bed them in properly:

Ordered red pads ill update info when I try them out for stopping power

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I hope you will be happy with them!
And the last time I read the EBC pads description I think the red stuff was supposed to be the less dusty of all their compounds, which is a plus, especially with wire wheels :sunglasses:

I noticed the back hubs were getting hot , there was a slight interference fit , so ground about 1mm off , and the bracket that holds the pads in was a little tight too , so had to bend the contact point back a little
I think both would have been ok if the slot in the back of the pad was small enough for the retractor pin too engage .
Hubs are running cool now !
this is on a MK2 Jag .

Are you sure the pistons were fully retracted? It’s usually not too recommended to grind the pads as they are not flat after that and would need a looong time to bed in to be flat again after that.
I can’t remember what that retractor pin is, I would have to check (I installed the greenstuff pads in the original Dunlop mk2 calipers too.)

It was not the thickness of the pads , but the Hight , took 1mm off
Slot is too big for retractor pins , MK2 and E-type use same pads !
Before some one say’s it , yes the mountings were clean , no rust , as I sandblasted them :grin:

i have also had to modify improperly matched slots 60 mk2. easy but dusty and easy to chip messy. had good reasonable service. original size and shape - incredibley ? cheap over the several decades of use. however i dream of chutes top and rear!

I used the green pads, and had to grind off a little of the metal backing, but not the slot.

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All right, thanks for the explanation!
Still a bit strange though, as I am pretty sure I didn’t have to modify anything when I installed them. They must have changed something (which is surprising!)

I fitted the EBC-GS five years back on my S1, had to grind slightly the sides of the pads so they would slide-in freely.
Very satisfied with stopping power and low dusting.
Here are comparative pics with oem:

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Same with pads on my '68 a few years ago.

68 E-type FHC

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