Reduced performance after spark plugs drrrrrrrrr

So I decided to check my spark plugs the other day and they are the ngk irridiums. I cleaned them up and checked gap which they were all pretty good. I retorked them, which they all came out like they were just barely hand tightened, and checked the resistance on my coils. 4 were higher resistance so I swapped them for ones off of my spare engine. I used some dielectric grease in the ends of the cool boots. Started it up and it ran smoothly. Didn’t get to go for a drive, but it seemed fine. This morning I drove it to work and as I went to pull out, it kinda stuttered and the check engine light and reduced performance lights started going. It got up to speed ok, but going up hills it sounded like it was going bahbahbah and the lights started going again. When off throttle the reduced performance goes out, but service engine stays lit. Wires to coils looked ok. Anyone else have this?

Combo of bad coil packs
Throttle body not clean and sensor
Or Fuel issue gummed up pump or screen
Change the coil packs first and make sure the wires are really attached
How old is the gas?

Im wondering if it’s the dielectric grease. It’s smoother today and I’m thinking that the grease is heating up and sliding off the plug

Or your clearing junk out of the tank
It can’t be coils if it’s going away
How old is the gas?

The gas is a week old at most. More what I’m thinking is that may be I got a little too much of the dielectric grease in the coil tube and it blobbed on the end of the spark plugs, not allowing full spark to fire into the cylinder. As the engine heats up, so does the grease causing it to “slide” down the plugs leaving less resistance and therefore better spark. This morning it was almost perfect with no warnings,but still the check engine light. We’ll see how it acts tonight. Leaving work soon.

Could be
Also is your gas cap acorn tube not clogged

I’ll have to double-check that one. Hmm. It’s something to look into at least. Thanks :blush:

Anytime, make sure the gap is on tight, but how much smootze did you use on the plug boot?
I only use a pinky amount on the opening.
Good luck

I have a biggish tube and I kinda stuck the tip in did a little squeeze in and rotated around. I should’ve done the pinky tip, but I thought I’d try it differently. And it may have bit me. Smh! Lol :grin: