Reequired camber shims to change 1 degree

does anybody know the relationship betwwen the thickness of the front camber shims and change in the camber in degress.
i have heard every 1.5 mm changes the camber by 1/4°.
my front camber is -1.9 and -1.8 , i hate to think that i need to add 6 mm shim to be in spec.

Don’t have my documents with me at the moment, but I think that it’s correct.

Mine has almost that much.
Are you sure the measurements are correct?
Are you sure your ride height is correct and even on both sides?
How are your lower bushings?

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thank you aristides
the shop measured it , my lower control arm bushings are bad .
i gave them the ride height tools , i hope they used it , i do not trust them .
i still need to know the relationship between the shims and changes of camber in angle.

If the lower bushings are bad it will be very difficult to set the angles truly and reliably.
Ride height tools are also very important as camber changes significantly with suspension travel.
The tools lower the suspension and decrease camber.

Search my posts about alignment, I have posted the exact shim to camber relationship.

I’ve gave up long ago with alignment professionals and do it myself. Now my car drives straight.

Good luck.

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My ROM says 1.6mm shim = ¼º


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Thank you sir for confirming