Refitting rear springs - 1964 MK2

Hi All,

Decided to have the rear springs reset to specification as one side of the car was about 1" lower than the other. After removing the springs there was a noticeable difference in the arch height between the two. The WSM specifies 87.5 to 94mm, each was reset to 100mm to allow for settling in. So the arch is 6mm over maximum. I have verified the figures. Also as the rubber bushings etc were well worn, have replaced these with polyurethane.

After spending several hours trying unsuccessfully to refit the LHS spring (RHS remains off the car) decided to unbolt one end of the LHS Torque Arm. No problem fitting the spring, however the axle moved back and slightly rotated clockwise. Now the torque arm will not fit…about a 40 mm gap. I can push the axle back about 1/2 the distance without much effort, just not able to move the extra 20mm and refit the through bolt.

Am I missing something?

I am considering refitting the torque arm and fitting the spring end to the rear axle then lifting the front end of the spring, with a jack, then fitting the front “retaining plate”. More or less the opposite method set out in the WSM.

Any thoughts, pitfalls in this method?

Hope someone can help, would like to go for a drive tomorrow.


I’ve changed the pads at the front of the springs and I undid the plate (holding the spring with a jack) then let the spring down on the jack, replaced the pad and jacked back up with no problems BUT my springs are old and weak.

…well that didn’t work! Lifted the spring ok, however the centre fixing would not line up correctly.

I am wondering if the spring has been set incorrectly…the arch is ok, maybe the length is incorrect. While it looks ok the first spring leaf (joins to the rear axle) might be flattened a bit.

If anyone out there has a overall measurement of a rear spring that would be very much appreciated.

Also, any other suggestions as to getting the spring(s) attached.



tightened up the spring centre mount first, then removed a bolt from the torque arm used a jack under the diff and then a small bottle jack under the spring eye. All came together easily. Then replaced the bolt in the torque arm, just had to move the axle slightly and then replaced the mount for the front of the spring.

Tomorrow will attack the other side.