Refresh my memory, nylon fuel line ID

IIRC, it’s 5/16" ID, right?

Edit: Never mind, I found a scrap piece in a spares box, it is 5/16".

Hey John:

Interesting that it measures out at 5/16" ID. The length that came off my car is 3/8" OD and 1/4" ID - ID measured with a 1/4" drill bit. The replacement nylon tubing on the car is marked as Eaton TP16006 - specs show it as 3/8" OD with .062" walls for 1/4" ID.

I’ll have to check it again. but unless I made a mistake the blunt end of a 5/16" drill bit was a snug fit.

Edit: Just checked, 7/16" OD, 5/16" ID.

John, it seems we have different size fuel lines. The piece off the car I measured is the original line and the replacement Eaton piece was supplied by one of the usuals (XKs I think) - both are the same size. I used a heat gun when I installed the new line so if was definitely not a push-on fit. Good luck with your project. :slightly_smiling_face:

Like John, I have a Series 2, and the nylon fuel line from the tank to the pump, and from the filter to the carb T (Strombergs) is 5/16" ID. I used 1/4" ID pipe from the T to the individual carbs.

How did you connect the tee to the nylon fuel line? I ask because the metal tee on my car, and I’m sure the tee is not original measures 5/16" on each leg. Now we are talking Stromgbergs of course. I’ve found a brass tee on line that is 5/16 on the center leg and 1/4" on the other two legs that would feed the carbs.

I made up my brass T from parts I got from McMaster-Carr. A T with 2 x 1/4" barbs for the carbs, and a male 1/4"NPT fitting. Then added a fitting with 1/4" NPT female to 5/16" barb to go to the fuel pipe to the filter. I can get you the part numbers if you need them.

Thanks David. Yes, I’d like the numbers if all else fails. I’m dropping by a plumbing supply store Monday looking for 1 piece tee that’s 1/4X5/16X1/4. If I can’t find that I’ll be buying those parts locally if available. If not I’ll order one of these:

Ignore the picture, it doesn’t change when you select a size. . The 6mm X 8mm X 6mm is very close to the 1/4 X5/16 X 1/4.

The actual and correct T is around $80 from SNG.

From my posting in 2011:

You can get brass ‘‘T’‘s to fit 1/4’’ ID tubing from any number of
places (e.g. local hardware store). If, however, you are OCD like
me, you’ll want 1/4’’ ID for the 2 lines to the carbs, and 5/16’’ ID
for the fuel line to the filter bowl. I was unable to find any such
part off the shelf. I therefore made one up with parts from

P/N 44555K162 Brass Double-Barbed Vacuum Tube Fitting, Branch Tee
for 1/4’’ Tube ID X 1/4’’ Nptf Male Pipe

P/N 5346K53 Brass Barbed Hose Fitting, Adapter for 5/16’’ Hose ID X
1/4’’ Nptf Female Pipe, Packs of 5

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Thanks David. Your installation looks good.