Registration Mark

When ordering a Heritage certificate, When they ask for a registration mark, What are they asking for and where is it located on the car?

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I see this on the archive site:

Please follow the ‘ Next’ button below to complete your order. Applicants are required to supply all the original numbers from the vehicle, including the chassis/VIN and engine , body and gearbox numbers. Applicants are requested to provide a copy of the vehicle’s registration documentation (e.g. U.K. V5C or an equivalent Title Certificate). If we do not receive suitable documentation it may not been possible to issue a Certificate with all the information.

In the U.S. I think they are asking for a copy of the title. For states where old cars are not titled perhaps a current registration will suit.

I did not see the term ‘registration mark’ used - if you saw that can you post a link?

Okay - I went through the screens for applying and see it now:

Alas, I have no idea what they want, but it does not appear to be a required field.

That would be the registration number, for the UK anyway. e.g. mine is GVG 753K

I think George is right, they want to know you’re the rightful owner before they give you vital statistics. However the term “registration mark” in the UK may mean what we’d call the license plate number. Registration numbers in the UK are more important than they are here as they can stay with the car for its entire life as with the famous E-type 9600HP, that was its original registration mark.


Correct link, sorry…


slightly off topic, is there some accurate way of finding correct e 1.5 to go with owners package i have license plate # thank for redirects. john