Reinstall lower timing chain cover on 1995 XJ6 but head gasket crinkles

(StevenD57) #1

After removing the lower timing chain cover and not finding anything wrong on my “new” 1995 XJ6 VdP, I am attempting to temporarily reinstall the lower timing chain cover so I can try turning the engine over on the starter to see if the cams move as expected. However when I attempt to slide the lower cover back in, the part of the head gasket that extends out from the front edge of the engine block and over the upper surface of the lower timing cover wants to bunch up or crinkle instead of letting the upper surface of this timing cover slide smoothly over it and back into place.

Anyone have any suggestions about how to get this lower timing cover back into place without totally screwing up the head gasket or otherwise creating a huge oil leak after reassembly?