Reinstall torsion bars


Would you advocate setting a bit lower with the larger D bars as they don’t “relax” as much as smaller D bars?



Yes they need to be set lower. I made some notes. The bars I removed were .875 dia (stock is about .770). I measured the distance from the top end corner of the picture frame to the outer, upper side of the tip of the LCA at 16.75 inches average both sides between the two points. The upright had been removed from the LCA. That is not the size of the setting link as its not the measurement between the upper and lower shock mounts, which would be shorter. The 16.75" measurement was made immediately after disassembly, and would incorporate any sag that the bars had assumed. The car sat for 2 months while I did something else. On re-measurement then the distance had become 20 1/4 inches as the bar untwisted.


Thanks for the info.

The 2+2 OEM TB had a slightly larger D than the coupes, as was, but now I am wondering if I have the proper bars, length-wise! Is the 2+2 TB the longer (36 vs 32 inch) version like the Series 3?

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69 2+2 E-Type

Sorry Huff I don’t know the answer.

Huff, surely if you had the wrong length bars, they wouldn’t fit, right??? I mean, 4 inches is lot find or lose in the assembly.

…not installed yet…

Maybe just offer them up between the locating points. Should be able to make the determination right there.

…it’s greasy…and dark…and hot out…and I was sitting here at the computer hoping to get insights at the touch of some buttons…

I just did the deed and I have the good length bars for the app.

Glad I did check, though. I feel better in spite of the efforts to crawl under her, fending off the cat litter and stuff I have stored under the car. It has been awhile.

Thanks for the inspiration/goading. I needed that.

69 2+2

I marked mine when I took them off, when I re-installed car was too low. I had a setting tool made to the exact spec in the manual and used it to set ride height as per the manual instructions and it worked perfectly. Note the settings vary with the model of car

“…Note the settings vary with the model of car…”

If by that you mean the distance between the holes on the setting link, yes they do. Not sure everyone realizes that. If you look in the Bentley manual it provides these dimensions, by car type and production sequence/car number.

Interesting! I don’t have the Bentley manual, wonder if an SII TB setting tool dimension is different than 17 13/16” ?



Page JY.s.1. of the Service Manual gives the setting link lengths for Series 2. There are a total of 8 lengths shown for the 3 different styles (OTS, FHC, 2+2), two different drive sides (LHD, RHD), and A/C fitment (with A/C, without A/C). None of them are 17 13/16". If you tell me details of your car in each category, I will look it up for you. If you are doing this sort of job on your car, it would be very worthwhile getting the manual IMHO.



69 OTS , LHD, no A/C.
Thank you.

Also keep in mind the latter cars were raised up a little to keep headlights at required height. Can be adjusted down.
Also tire height needs to be factored in the calculation.


17 25/32" for the setting link.


Thank you David !
Wonder how much ride height difference .0313" translates to.
So , I have the green manual (like the one Steve’s daughter painted) but the Bently manual has more info , including these measurements ? Any particular one I should look for ?
BTW I have another manual : an original 3.8 litre in the original 2 hole binder…

Again, thank you.



You made it to a FIFTH iteration??


Actually, I’ve lead a blessed life to date. 4 rebuilds, installing TBs with everything nice and clean, good lighting, the right music, stars aligned…

But there is this 150S which is 2" too high on one side, and 1" on the other which I have to do… I feel it in my bones that fate is about to catch up with me.

(Alfa TBs have a threaded hole in the end… makes pulling them out something close to enjoyable.)

OMG…I had forgotten that!!!

And it’s so… obvious!