Relocating AC compressor to Air pump location on V12

Having to refresh the AC system and I wanted to take care of something that that has bugged me for over 30 years…I absolutely hate the huge AC compressor in the middle of the V12. Looking to see if anyone can recommend a solution and bracket that could be used to relocate it to the air pump location (air pump has been removed for many years). My car is an Etype, but I’m assuming this would apply to most all V12s. I know that I’ve seen Classic Jaguar and one other jag-lovers users do this relocation, but I have no other information such as compressor used and the bracket required. Any help would be great. thanks, Jeff S. Atlanta, GA

Hi Jeff-
This is on the bucket list for the XJS but not there yet. So I just have random thoughts no real answers :grimacing:.
Figured I would fab a bracket/adapter based on mounting lugs of the air pump. Easy enough to measure the critical dimensions.
I will also ditch the A-6 style compressor and go to a smaller Sanden.
If you keep the A-6, suggest one of the newer aluminum versions. Dad has one on his eType (factory location) and is pleased. Prettier and lighter.
Also iirc Kirby’s book mentions this mod, don’t recall in how much detail.

Did this approx 15 years ago, some pics from just recent, I modified thermostat housing at same time to allow hose from top of compressor to run.
In pics you can sort of see mounts.


great pictures, many thanks, JS

More interesting than the a/c compressor relocation is the throttle body and intake manifold arrangement; can you provide some pictures and a description at your leisure?

Does that ever clean up the front of the engine. Very Nice!