Remember when? Good old days

Remember when an XJ was considered a full size car? The “little” car next to it is a Suzuki Swift!


Regardless of size I know which I’d prefer, the XJ’s beauty stands out like a rose between two thorns.

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Agree. But to be fair, it’s a LWB Series 1 Daimler. So four inches longer than standard XJs of the time.

No, it’s SWB.

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The shorties are awesome. I drove by a Series I XJ12 for sale on the side of the road and nearly had an accident.

Wasn’t sure. Tried to judge from the rear door.

Yes… I remember a time when I thought my Rover was a midsize car…!

I must admit the LWB was quite well executed, I find it hard to differentate between the two at a glance.

Its still as long as a mid/large modern

Just much narrower, lower and usually lighter

I took this one a few years ago.


Here’s my poor skinny little thing between some fat rice burners. Edit; and a compact German thing I think.

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It barely comes up to the tops of the doors of the SUVs. I thought my inability to park my DD SUV properly was down to my poor driving skills, seems that may only be part of the problem. Add limited steering lock due to FWD and out of sight bodywork, no wonder I can’t park it properly.

If an XJ looks small, I wonder how a D Type would measure up against today’s cars

Probably like this…



What I wouldn’t have given for one of those at that age!