Remote Control Not working

Hi, Need some help please. I have a 2002 XJ8. Car remote stop working. Replaced battery, no luck. Got out my old spare remote still nothing. Trunk, lights and alarm will not work with remote. Tried turning ignition on and off 4 times closing car door etc. Nothing.

Thank you.

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No idea what country you are in but auto parts stores usually have remote keyfob transmitter testers to check for ‘output’.

I bought an inexpensive unit from AMAZON or EBAY to test transmitters and they will indicate the frequency of the transmitter. (even IR output)

Could be a faulty SLCM in the boot or the aerial not connected?

Every country has it’s own radio transmitting rules and frequencies.

The procedure for resetting remote fobs is well documented but does not involves the steps you describe.

Try here or here.

Hi, Tried that several times. did not work. It occurred to me that I should check the fuse. I intend to do that when I have recovered from a short illness. Thank you.