Remote lock fob replacement /antennae question added 1996 XJ6

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i have only one remote door lock /fob. my car is a 1996 XJ6 . can i buy another somewhere and how would it be programmed? the one i have works quite well. It does not open the trunk but i think something is missing from the lock mechanism. ive never looked just open with key. however it sets off the alarm if the car isn’t unlocked first with fob. ( new owner 1400 miles so far). rather than another topic posted i would like to add another question. Is the antennae suppose to go down flush with the fender? my last section, the largest does not move

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Yes, the aerial should fully retract, might just need a cleaning but replacement masts are easy to install and very affordable.

Remote fobs are difficult to find and quite expensive. As crazy as it sounds, similar year SAAB 900 fobs will work but the buttons are reversed. The button covers do wear and are available new, can be installed in the reverse to get the lock/unlock icons to match the function.

Programming new fobs is very easy – think as simple as rocking the valet switch a half dozen times to initiate the learning process. Quick internet search should get full details.

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thanks to you Win. The X 300 cars do not generate much discussion. I had intended to speak to my locksmith about the fobs, i can surely monitor E-bay for a SAAB Faab :slight_smile: . I have oiled the mast, letting it soak in a bit. Its pretty rusty what with the salt air here on the coast of Florida.

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Win, I found a couple SAAB and SUBARU fobs that look similar but for newer cars. If the SAAB looks the same its probably the same? The ID numbers are different… Dumb question?

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SAAB LTQFM433 pn 2255101238 95-98 900

5040274 is pn for new button pad set

Once the rust sets in, definitely time for new mast, under $15.00 at RockAuto. About a 5-10 min swap.

Never found Florida that much of a rust state except for those very close to the shorelines.

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That’s very good WIN. I know which to look for now. thank you

my car came from the “barrier Island” east of inter-coastal waterway on the east coast. salt air every night, anything outside gets a real salt bath. I’ve got some rust starting under the rubber seals a couple spots on both front and rear glass. no other rust but the clear coat is failing. interior excellent still . the old antennae came to life , cleaned and rubbed down with gun oil now, working. PB blaster freed it up after a few days. Im taking the car to Illinois, it will only be used during the summer, no more salt. maybe find a good body shop up there for a repaint of roof, bonnet and boot cover. sides still look good.

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rec’d the 2 SAAB remotes. found a programing procedure on Jagbits. reluctant to try it as it will mean the one i have will also need programming, maybe just wait until lose, if ever, the Jag original. sure hate to mess around and have no remote. The SAAB remotes have the same Freq . suppose to be the number you gave me but the id information shown on website is not on the remote, the FCC number is inside the battery area. Ill post if successful . owners manual states to just operate the button 3 times, either one. i tried that, nothing happened. the remote lights are working battery is good.

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