Remote motor aerial installation

I am attempting to install a remote motor aerial with a 36" drive cable. All the electrical connections are in the spare tire well but I cannot find the access hole for routing the drive cable, nor can I figure out how to disassemble the aerial to facilitate snaking the drive cable from the spare tire well to the right rear tail light area. Help.

Just replaced mine on my 85 XJ6. Difficult to really explain, but there is a hole below the black plastic covering in the rear of the trunk below the lock mechanism. The hole is to the right and upward from where the motor is mounted in the trunk. Push the mask though the hole. It will exit behind the right rear tail light. If this is not clear, I can send a pic!


Question, David - was there a remote motor installed before, and what model year do you have…?

Adding to Richard’s explanation; installing must be done with the mast fully retracted - and you should remove the rear lamp cluster for access and mounting the mast ‘well’. And to install the trim; you need to unscrew the little knob on the mast. This acts as a bottom endstop when the mast retracts…

And be very careful with the extension while threading - the Bowden arrangement is somewhat vulnerable to twisting and excessive bending…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)