Remote Oil Filter?

Hey Gang,

I was hoping I could get a recommendation for an alternative oil filter base for a 4.2 XK6 that was originally in a 1975 XJ6 Series 2 sedan.

I’m dealing with a clearance issue on this D Type replica I’m building. I’m working on tweaking and adjusting the engine position, but between that and thinking about future oil change headaches, it would be helpful to have one or both of the following…

1). An alternative designed housing that hugs the block a bit closer.

2). A remote oil filter that works on this particular housing.

Another alternative: XK8 filters will fit the base but have a smaller diameter, which should help with clearances.

Hi Doug,

Thinking ahead to the ease of executing an oil change is very wise. Not easy to prime a filter when it is mounted horizontally or vertically (upside down).

I haven’t used them (caveat) but Mocal makes take off plates (for remote filters or oil coolers) and remote filter heads.

J or K may work.

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… and no real need to do so, if it is.