Removal of Cylinder Block Brass C.5022 Plug

A friend wants to remove the cylinder-block brass C.5022 1" Briggs (NPT) Plug (Viart p.158, just forward of the dip-stick) in order to examine the water passage for debris.
Thus far, using a proper Whitworth-sized hex-fitting, no amount of torque and penetrating oil has been adequate to budge it.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Propane torch, several heating and cooling cycles.
If no go:
Oxy/Acetylene torch, several heating and cooling cycles, but go easy as you can wreck something by melting it.

I would find other friends.


There was another thread about this recently, he got it out but broke it,
so I would make sure a replacement part was available before I tried

I tried once, and the inner hex started to strip so I stopped

I believe I also read that machine shops can bore them out somehow

Remove a core plug…or the water pump…plenty of access then to jet wash the block out while your at it…Steve

Though I like Gamble’s approach, since debris is suspected, you might wanna knock out a core plug as far forward on the block that would still allow you to inject a strong water stream to clean out the crud. The water jackets pass around the bores so using the intake side may provide the maximum effect.