Removal of stuck, or tight, leaking Oil Pressure sendor on V12

Hello Atty Paul - online site of Home Depot states available - will have to check with local store - thanks.

Curious - how much $$ are they asking for a can, these days? :confused:

A little PB Blaster and a good turn of the wrench is all it really needs. We’re not talking suspension parts here. With the pedestal out, you should be able to get plenty of leverage with a standard wrench.

On the subject of penetrating oils. I read an article from a man in Canada that races the salt flat’s. He did a test of all penetrating oil and his version. His version won and I have made it and used it with very good results. Recipe 1 part acetone to 1 part atf. Spray and let set acetone carries the atf in and then evaporates leaving the hi detergent atf to work. Like I said works very well.

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Hello NIB -what are the effects of this, acetone and ATF, mix on aluminum parts of the engine, on rubber parts from the overspray, on electrical wire insulation from the overspray - just asking before I attempt use of this mix, if the PB Blaster or Kroil items do not work - thanks, Tex.

Remember, a few good taps with a hammer do wonders for loosening up corroded threads.

Hello Greg - yes, that is what I am going to try, once I get the throttle base tower out of the way, thereby giving me room to swing the hammer - thanks, Tex.

I have used on aluminum with no ill effects. O rings and wire I really cannot say.

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I’ve only seen Kroil available on Amazon here in the US. $20 for 8 oz liquid and $30 for 13 oz aerosol. I’ve had good success with it on suspension parts, but I’ve never run any tests to compare it to pb blaster or others. Maybe Kroil is worth the extra price since it doubles as a nice-smelling after shave in a pinch?

A modified scaler bit on an air tool. Just a stub to vibrate the stuck fastener.,

Well, ATF does not seem to harm alloy transmission cases. Acetone, also known as lacquer thinner and
miladies finger nail polish remover and the aerosol in hair spray. I’d not be concerned.,

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