Removal of SU HD6 dashpots

Want to remove the air intake pipe from the carbs, but dashpots are in way of the nuts I need to unscrew. However I cannot remove the dashpots because the air intake pipe gets in the way!
Help needed.
Many thanks,
Don (1962 Mark 2, 3.4L)

Be aware that you need only to remove the two outer setscrews Kondeeler.
Peter B.

Really? Looks like there are 4 nuts to undo. Two of which are partly hidden by the dashpots.
But I’ll give it a go!

Tried it and it worked.
Many thanks, Peter.

Now balanced carbs properly using a flow meter. Runs better. Took it up to 80mph. Really nice and smooth. No flats spots or hesitation.:grinning: