Remove 3,5 engine

(Helmut) #1

What is the best way to remove the 3,5 litre engine from a MK 4 with Right Hand drive. I found in two different manuels different versions of removing. One says to put engine and gearbox together downstairs out. The second Version is to remove the gearbox and radiator and lift engine up and slightly Forward until clear of wings.
What is the better and faster way ? How many Hours does it take ?

(Peter Scott) #2

Personally I have always removed the radiator and taken engine and gearbox out as one unit. Likewise for reinstalling. It’s easier to mate the gearbox to the engine when you are not working in the confines of the car.


(Ed Nantes) #3

If your headlamps are in nice condition, it might be worth removing them.
It’s also handy to have a spare input shaft to line up the splines on the clutch driven plate before jiggling the gearbox around.
How long does it take? Well depends whether you include coffee breaks, head scratching, stopping for lunch… and dinner, coming back the next day to continue, and then there’s putting it back. Ot takes a fair while.