Remove battery for long term storage?

What happens to the various “brains” in the electrical system if I remove the battery for an extended period (3-4 months)? Which systems would have to be resuscitated? I know the clock would have to be reset, but what else goes stupid? Better to leave it connected to the car with a battery minder/tender plugged in, or remove it and use a minder/tender on the bench? I ask because I’m always suspicious of these electronic gizmos (tenders/minders) going crazy and damaging more than just the battery.

They are fine disconnected.

Just bass, treble and radio code required.

CTEK are good for keeping charged though.


Both times our ex 308 had the battery disconnected for several weeks (or months) it resulted in a ”bus error” that required a workshop to put it back in order. There was nothing wrong, but the car would remain in limp mode. After the 2nd time I would just keep the battery connected with a CTEK, much cheaper and easier that way. Cheers!

That’s the sort of thing that gives me the heebie jeebies. I was reading related archives on the other Jaguar forum yesterday , and there’s also reference to glitches with the door lock/security system. Worst that could happen with a monitor/tender meltdown is the car burns down…better than dealing with computer phantoms…

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If the car is disconnected when the doors are locked it remembers this state and therefore when battery is reconnected the alarm will sound if trunk open.

I therefore override the boot latch, manually locking it. And put the key where the hook should be so I don’t forget and slam the boot

Mine (96 Vanden 45K) sits in the garage for 5 or 6 months a year, it’s my Florida car. I jack it up off the floor, put jack stands under for the tires and a battery minder small charger (not a standard charger) on the battery. Works out fine.

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Thanks. I’ll do the same. Do you recall which battery minder you use?

The minder is a special type of charger with a sensor that when it detects low voltage, brings the battery to peak then shuts itself off. Don’t try a standard charger as it is always on and will boil out your battery killing it. There are many that will work, go to a “real” auto parts store, talk to the counter man and you’ll get what you need. They were I believe originally for motorcycles that can sit for months in the colder climates. Thirty to fifty bucks for a good one, the Wal Mart cheepos are crap.

The name ‘CTek’ is sticking in my mind…

Eric I would leave a battery tender on it…CTEK or BATTERY TENDER are all good as long as they are low low charge.
You would have to set up the windows and seats as well.
Good luck.

FWIW, I have a collection of 38 cars in my warehouse. These are mostly Jaguars, Mercedes, Rolls Royces and Bentleys! On all the cars, I have the cheapo Harbor Freight automatic charger. The batteries usually last on average about 8 years. I have had 2 of the chargers go bad in 15 years. I get them on sale for $4.99 each! I could buy the more expensive “proper” chargers, but I have seen no need when these work great!