Remove distributor MK V, 2.5

I started overhauling the engine of my MK V, 2.5, 1950, trying to dismantle the distributor, which unfortunately I didn’t succeed. The piece doesn’t move a millimeter. I loosened all visible screws, including on the tappet cover plate. Can someone give me a tip on how I can dismantle the distributor.
Thank you very much for the help.


Hello Geri, here is a photo of page P.9 of the Service Manual which gives directions for removing the distributor (also on page B.26). Also shown below is a photo of the bolting arrangement on my 3.5 Mark V saloon. Finally, I’ ve attached a copy of the Electrical section, P, of the Service Manual.

It is recommended to have a copy of the Service Manual and the Spare Parts Catalogue for engine overhauling. These can be bought used in paper form from places like ebay. I have them in portable document file (PDF) form if desired.

12 Electrical.pdf (2.4 MB)

Just two screws to remove, then it pulls straight up.
distributor screws

Thank you very much for the tips.
Since I had already removed all screws, the distributor has not moved a millimeter. I then tried a little warmth, see that it worked. The distributor could now be easily removed.

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